Chapter Two - The Note


When we came back, we joined my parents for hot cocoa. Ironically, my mom began talking about Zac.

"You know, I was on the dock the other day and I was talking to this adorable little boy," my mom started and Nicole and I listened intently. "He said he had two older brothers and if they look anything like him, I bet they're real cute."

"Yeah, we saw that boy on the first day we were here. He is really cute," Nicole added.

"He's so full of life!" my mom exclaimed. "They're here for some kind of Christian Revival though, so they go out in the mornings and evenings, but I know they're staying in the Maple cabin."

***3 Days Later***
After a long day of hiking, therefore sweating, Nicole and I were ready to jump in the cool and refreshing lake. When we got to the dock, we were both pleasantly surprised to see Zac and The Hairy One already there swimming. We thought we could definitely talk with them then. I watched closely as Zac pulled himself onto the dock - arms tightening and little muscles bulging. He whipped his long blonde hair back behind his shoulder and smiled at us. I could tell Nicole's jaw dropped, so I pulled her arm and jerrked her out of her fanstasy world.

Once on the dock, we noticed a rather large woman sprawled on a large blanket talking with them. We learned later that she was their aunt. With their big aunt around, we knew it would be harder to engage them in conversation; I tried anyway.

"How's the water?" I asked.

The Hairy One replied, "It's nice once you're used to it."

A few seconds later, I dropped the towel from around my waist and feeling slightly timid about my body, I quickly jumped in. When I finally rose to the surface, I told Nicole how nice the water was and invited her to come in. Nicole leaped in after me and right as she came up from the water, I giggled and admitted, "I lied." Nicole, The Hairy One, Big Aunt, and Zac all laughed and it made me feel good to show them that we were playful. I was sure we could talk, but then Big Aunt informed the boys that their mom told them to come back in 15 minutes and it had already been 20 minutes. They filed off the dock - first Big Aunt, then The Hairy One, and Zac trailed behind. Zac waved to us and he followed and Nicole and I were quick to return the gesture.

When they were out of sight, I said, "So, we talked to them."

"Yeah," Nicole agreed. "But damn! Why did they have to leave so soon?!"

"We made some progress," I looked on the bright side.

"True, but it's Thursday! They're probably leaving Saturday morning!"

We continued our conversation later that night after my parents were sleeping.


"So we absolutely have to meet them tomorrow." Julia decdied. The lights were all out and we were whispering back and forth. "Chances are that they're leaving on Saturday morning. Hardly anyone stays longer than one week."

"Yeah, except us," I commented. We both gave quiet giggles. "But your parents are planning a hike tomorrow. How are going to meet them?" Even through the darkness, I could see Julia's forehead crinkle in thought. How were we going to pull this one off?

"Well, there's no way for sure to know they'll be here at camp," Julia said, sighing sadly.

"But they've been here eveyday. Why would they change their ways on the last day?" I asked.

"True," Julia agreed. "My parents did give us the choice of staying here or going with them. Even though we already told them we'd go, I's sure they won't mind if we ask to stay here."

So, convinced we would stay at camp and station ourselves at the dock with high hopes to get to talk and pass the day with the company of the three boys, we continued our conversation until we became tired.

In the morning, Julia and I explained the situation to her mom. She seemed reluctant because the hike was going to be so easy, unlike the previous two we had done. Finally, she gave in, but only after we promised to clean up the cabin.

After her parents left, we took our time, lazed around, staying in our pajamas until late morning. Around noon, we had swimming suits on and set off to the dock. We were surprised at how cool it was outside. We sat on the dock and lasted for about five minuted. The cool wind was too much for shorts and bikini tops, so we headed up the trail to go back to our cabin.

"Let's go to their cabin and see if they're home," I suggested. Julia didn't look as enthusiatic as I sounded.

"And do what?" she asked. "Knock on the door and when someone answers, say, "Is The Hairy One home?"

We both laughed.

After our giggles, we became serious. "Let's go, I'm for real," I said again. She finally agreed. After we decided who would talk, and what would be said, we went to their cabin. I could feel butterflies appearing in my stomach as we neared the cabin. There were even more butterflies as we walked up the front steps. I swear that Julia had to have been able to hear my heart beating when I reached up and knocked on their door. No one answered.

"Now what?" Julia asked.

"Um, we could write a note and leave it in their door," I suggested. Julia raised her eyebrow skeptically. Then we both smiled and hurried back to our cabin to compose the short note to leave for them.

"Okay genius, who do we write it to?" Julia asked. She had the pen in her hand ready to write. That left us both thinking for a few minutes.

"To Zac and his brothers?" I suggested.

"No," she disagreed quickly.

"To the three boys in the Maple?" I gave another suggestion. She shook her head.

"To the boys who splash a lot on the dock
(sorry, we don't know your names)-
We're really bored and we wanted to know if you guys wanted to hang out. We'll be around camp. If we're not at the dock, we're in the Beech. Stop by anytime.
Julie & Nicole
(brunette & blonde)

"I think that's pretty good," Julia said, smiling at her final copy. I nodded and then we scampered off to their cabin to leave the note wedged between their door.

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