Chapter Four - The Mommy Police

"Yeah, but shouldn't both people feel the same way for love at first sight?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Just a question?"


"Why the hell didn't we notice how hot Taylor was on the first day?" she asked. We both smiled. He was good looking.

"Because we were too awe struck and intrigued by Zac to even notice there were other guys with him?" I guessed. It was sad, but true.

A few minutes later, we heard footsteps in the gravel that led to the lean-to. Soon, both Isaac and Taylor were back from their dinner. Taylor had changed his clothes, too. Now he was wearing jeans and a light blue tshirt, which accented his sky blue eyes. The conversation picked up where it had left off. Before too long, Julia's dad came to the lean-to.

"Girls?" he said, poking his head around the corner and peering inside. "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes."

"Okay," we both said. He smiled. He seemed glad to see that we made friends.

"Anyway," Julia said, eager to change the subject, "are you guys going to be around? ...Maybe we could hang out here and build a fire and have marshmallows later."

"Actually, we can't," Taylor said. I could see the let down in Julia's eyes. "We have that meeting to go to. Both Julia and I knew they were talking about the Christian Revival thing.

"Oh," she said, sullenly. "What time do you usually get back?"

"Usually around 10 or 10:30," Isaac said, "because we stop at Stuart's for icecream."

"Could you hang out then?" I asked.

"Probably not. We have to pack everything up because we're leaving tomorrow morning," Isaac said. Damn, I thought, they were making this way to complicated!

"Do you guys have email addresses?" Taylor asked hopefully. Both of us smiled. Luckily, I had a pen in my jacket pocket and I tore my bookmark in half and quickly jotted down both Julia's and my email addresses. Then I handed Taylor the pen and he wrote down his and Isaac's email address., I read the email address to myself. Strange, I thought, wonder what it means?

"Cool, we'll keep in touch," Taylor said as we got up and walked away from the lean-to. Thinking that it was the last time we would see them, we didn't really think of much else except what we should put in out first emails to them.

As Taylor took my hand to say goodbye, I noticed a spark in his eyes that made me long to get to know him. Over our conversation that evening, his eyes had sucked me in. They were so blue and beautiful and absolutely captivated me. I just wanted to spend more time with him.

"I feel so unfulfilled," I confessed to Nicole after we were out of earshot.

"Yeah, I really wanted to get to know them better, too," she agreed.

"Damn" I concluded, as we plopped ourselves in the cabin with nothing to do but moan and play checkers.

At 9:30, there was a knock on our cabin door. Nicole and I got up fast, startled and excited. Both of us full of curiousity: was it them? I quickly ran a comb through my hair and shuffled out of our musky room after Nicole.

"Hey guys," Cassie said jubilantly. Cassie is the granddaughter of the owners of the camp. Her full name is Cassandra, but we all call her Cassie, which fits her rambunctious 13-year-old personality much better.

"Hi Cassie," Nicole was a bit let down that it wasn't who we'd expected. Oh well.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Well, I noticed you were hanging out with the Hanson boys earlier," she started. Hanson. What a nice last name, I thought. "Anyway, I thought I'd tell you that they're back from their meeting."

"Oh, thanks, Cas!" Nicole's face brightened.

"You're a sweetie," I told her. She smiled, winked, and was off. "So, Nic, wanna go knock on their door?" I proosed.

"Let's do it," she said, and with that, we went. From the gravel road way, we could see rustling and quick movings about in their cabin. Once up their front stairs, we could see Big Aunt packing away in the kitchen, she saw us, too, but didn't come to the door. Nicole and I were both pretty nervous now; she glanced over at me and then stepped forward and knocked on the door. No response! Was Big Aunt going to ignore us? We could hear the guys inside. They were making weird noises and laughing to themselves. We laughed at it, too, which helped ease some of the tension as I stepped up not to knock. No one came to the door.

"Now what?" I questioned Nicole. She shook her head and stepped up to the door, trembling slightly. Before she could knock again, Big Aunt finally acknowledged us.

She began waving her arms in an "X" shaped manner and then said, "No, they're busy, they're not coming out!" and then practically shooed us away! We were quick to leave after that.

"What the hell was that?!" I blurted out as we left the parking area.

"She was so rude! I can't believe how rude she was!" Nicole said in astonishment.

We continued our well deserved bitch-fest all the way back to our front steps. Just then, we heard voices and completely stopped all noise and motion to listen. We didn't have to be in just yet and so we went to check and see who it was. We walked around my parents car and there they were: Isaac and Taylor. Nicole and I were both put in a blatently benevolent mood. They had to have ran after us and caught us with less than a second before we were about to go inside for the night.

"Hey," Taylor said breathlessly, and smiled widely.

"Hi!" we smiled. "I didn't think we'd get to see you again," I addressed Taylor.

"Yeah, well, Ike saw you guys leaving," Taylor started.

Isaac butted in, "And we begged our mom to let us come out for five minutes."

"Yep," Taylor continued, "so we have five minutes. Do you want to go down to the lean-to?"

"Sure," Nicole replied and we follwed them out in the dark to the lean-to. The steps leading down to it were impossible to see.

"I'm going to fall and kill myself," Nicole joked.

"Yeah, I know!," I agreed. "Here, take my hand Nicole, if you go down, I'll go down with you." We laughed.

I creeped forward and Taylor turned aroudn and looked at me for a moment and then slowly reached to me and took my other hand leading me down the rickety steps. His hand made my whole body feel warm, and I smiled to the dark night.

Once in the lean-to, without much else to say, I asked the question both Nicole and I had been pondering the whole say. "So, uh, did you guys ever get our note?"

"Yeah, we did," Isaac began explaining the story. "Actually, we'd already talked to you guys here." Taylor laughed, Isaac continued, "We're like, that's funny 'cause we already talked to you."

"Oh, wow," Nicole said. "Yeah, we were wondering about that because you never said anything, so -"

"Pretty weird," I ended her search for expressions.

"Man," Taylor said, looking at his watch, "we should've asked for ten minutes." At this point, it had been six minutes and the Mommy Police was out. We saw a bright light of a flashlight shining onto the lean-to.

"Boys," a voice behind the light called, "your five minutes are up!" Taylor and Isaac both groaned loudly.

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