The Accident

Ok, yeah, I was in a pretty serious car accident and I am happy to say that I am home and I am going to be okay :) BUT, I can't walk right now, which really totally sucks, and and hopefully, with all the physical therapy that I'll be doing and the special exercises my mom and dad have to help me with, I'll be able to walk before the end of the summer :) So that gives me something to look forward to! But, for the most part, I hate being stuck in a wheelchair, being completely dependent on my parents...I'm so used to doing things myself and now I can't even stand up out of a bed without assistance! Well, anyway, here are some pictures of our van (which is totalled) and a picture of the other car (which is messed up, too) ... I guess you can say that I am happy that I made it out of the wreck with only my left knee being screwed over. At least no one else was hurt ...

This is sorta like a panoramic view of everything that happened

That's when I was going up in the helicopter

This is the other car ...

Here are some pics of my injuries....pretty, eh??

This is my butt

This is the back of my knee...and that isn't my bone sticking out, it's what was left of the muscle fiber